The serial number is a combination of 16 capital or numbers. Please enter your serial number in the field below

Precautions in checking authenticate code.

  1. Please gently scraping at the bottle or vial authenticate code sticker with no sharp object. (Used coin recommend)
  2. You have opportunity to check the authenticate code only 3 times. Thereafter, the application will block (invalid) this number immediately after the third time.
  3. Be careful to enter text such as “o”, “O” or “0” (zero), “1” (one), “I” in small letter or capital letter.
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Warning: Monitoring samples of counterfeit products it was observed presence of toxins and heavy metals along with bacteria growth . Such products flooding in market are life threatening by leading to serious damage of liver and blood.
If you buy the products cheaper than it should be or did not buy directly from the official distributor, you may have purchased a counterfeit by mistake. To determine authenticity,All of genuine products must be authenticated by code at our website.


Attention: We have come across various new fake LA PHARMA s.r.l websites. Spreading false propaganda that www.laanabolic.com is closed. This is to inform our all valued distributors and customers Any claims made by any other web site are completely false and misleading. www.laanabolic.com has been the only official website past 17 years for LA PHARMA S.r.l


Please note hologram carefully before buying the products . La Pharma s.r.l is a professional Pharmaceutical company, we never use fancy holographic stickers.


LA Pharma product has no aluminum foil sachet packaging.

Plastic bottles:
Please notice carefully at our small sized bottle packaging. We have the way to produce especially the bottle cap. It has some difference from counterfeit that we use by injecting plastic into a mold from the top of the bottle cap. You will see a small spot on the middle top of the bottle cap. On the other hand, the counterfeit assume to be visible on the side of the bottle cap.

LA Pharma has no any 20 ml injectable products as the pictures

Drug stores who sale fake LA Pharma products:
  • Fake products are flooding in india on Indiamart.com
    More list of FAKE Distributors and seller on INDIA MART will be updated shortly.
  • Fake products in are flooding in India with website laeinfo.net
    More List of dealers and distributors Facebook will be updated shortly.
  • Kijphisarn drugstore
    886/4 Pracha songkhro road, Dindaeng, Bangkok, Thailand Tel 66-2-2479534
  • Thanwa drugstore
    85 Phatpong soi 1, Phatpong road, Surawong, Bangruk, Bangkok, Thailand Tel 66-2-6327105
  • Oriental Pharma co.ltd
    30 Chanakit Rd M. 4, Phuket, Thailand 93000 Business Phone Number(087) 393-2030 Business Website Linkhttp://www.orientalpharma.com
Drug store websites who sale fake LA Pharma products:
  • www.laeinfo.com
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