Thank you very much for your interest in our LA Pharma products.

We apologize, but we do not conduct any trading through this website or email. We serve as an LA Pharma outsourced provider for product and company information only.

New E-mail address: [email protected]

All genuine LA Pharma products must have an authentication code that can be verified on our website. Please refer to the sample picture below. If a product does not have an authentication code, it is likely to be fake.

Special Note:

Before sending emails to LA Pharma, please read and understand the following facts:

  1. The main purpose of this email address is to provide consumers with product information, such as:
    • Checking the authenticity code or confirming our genuine LA Pharma products (please send us pictures of the authenticity code)
    • Complaining about any defects or issues with LA Pharma products (we offer a 1-month warranty and accept returns if you are not satisfied with the product quality)
    • Verifying the authenticity of LA Pharma product sellers (although we personally do not know them).
  2. Please prioritize checking for the authenticity code on our products. If there is no code, it is likely a counterfeit.
  3. Please note that LA Pharma does not sell products directly through our website.
  4. Please refer to the FAQ section as many of your questions may have already been answered.
  5. LA Pharma products have three pricing categories: distributor, wholesale, and retail prices. More information can be found in the promotions section.
  6. Please be aware that LA Pharma Srl. cannot guarantee the authenticity of any website claiming to sell 100% genuine LA Pharma products. Please always verify the authenticity of our products on our website.