Why can’t I buy your products directly from your website?
The LA Pharma website is established with the sole purpose for sharing general information as the only following- Introduce LA Pharma company, Check Authenticity code, 12 reasons to select LA Pharma products, LA Pharma products and packaging pictures, Full leaflet (prescription drug information), Promotion, Fake product pictures and stock update.

Website is one of LA Pharma outsource for only product/company information. We do not sell from this website but you can find a lot of LA Pharm products sellers with your search engine as in www.google.com. or www.yahoo.com. All of real LA Pharma products must have authenticity code for checking in our website.

Why is it so painful after Injecting the product?
Because of many factors as followings:

  1. Genuine, high purity and concentration raw materials used to produce all LA Pharma products.
  2. Appropriate Injected site should be deep muscles such as Gluteal muscle and different site from previous Injection.
  3. Repeat Injection at the same location until fibrosis formation.
  4. PH (acid-base) of dilution used, raw material and finished products.

Kindly be informed that we are developing a new effective dilution for less painful Injection.

Are all of your Injectable products oil-based?
No, most LA Injectable products are oil-based except Stanozolol® Injection is water-based.

If I buy LA Pharma products from the Internet, how can I know they are real LA Pharma products?
LA Pharma is in the Market more than 17 years. Fake products are found the in market with different package. The real genuine LA Pharma products must have authenticity code label on every bottle and/or vial for checking in our website, see in the sample photos in this website.